Panel Changes and Upgrades

Update Your Electrical Panel to Prevent Hazards

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Outdated electrical panels are a common occurrence in older properties. It's important to update old panels because they can cause appliance malfunctions and electrical fires. Trust LV Electric to handle your electrical panel replacement in Leesburg & Ashburn, VA. We can assess your electricity needs and select the best new panel for your property.

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How to tell if you need to upgrade your panel

How to tell if you need to upgrade your panel

If you're in need of an electrical panel replacement, you'll likely notice various signs. Let us know if:

  • Your lights are flickering
  • You're frequently tripping breakers
  • Your appliances aren't working correctly

More serious issues like burning smells or crackling sounds should be addressed immediately. Installing a new panel will greatly reduce your risk of electrical injuries. Call us today at 703-344-1890 so our team can safely complete your electrical panel replacement.